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Mind you, this approach does not work for every situation but there are many events where this is totally feasible and opens the door to more business opportunities by keeping production costs to a minimum.

Let’s start by specifying the design requirements for this one-man webcast system. These days it is easy to acquire affordable cameras that shoot at 1080i and output either an HDMI or HD-SDI signal.

From a Webcam Using Google Streaming a Video Game Using an Encoder Community Q&A Ever wished you had your own TV show?

Overall speed of the connection should be at least double what you plan to stream at.

The simplest way to check, and stream over Da Cast, is through an attached webcam found in most modern laptops.

So you have decided to create a live stream broadcast and I am sure you are very excited to get started.

It includes a checklist of things needed, basic requirements and also some baseline suggestions of equipment or setups to start broadcasting for those completely new to the technology. Live stream from a PC or Mac based software encoder 2.

Live stream from a hardware based encoder A reliable internet connection is mandated to stream over Da Cast.

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