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For anyone looking for the perfect snapshot of summer, 61st and Seawall in Galveston just after 11 a.m.Tuesday was the place to be: some kids on boogie boards looking for waves, others building sand castles, and families relaxing, even while a turbulent storm brewed offshore.“We don’t care about the tropical storm.Bill Cherry of The Galveston County Daily News stated that while, by 1949, all GISD facilities were under-maintained, Central High School was the one that "blatantly showed" the deepest "lack of respect of its pupils’ human dignity".Mark Soehner, Richard Goodin, Dennis Bosse, John Paul Flajole, John Bok, Jeff Scheeler and E. Stein, celebrated a Mass to honor the Franciscans for their years service with Holy Family Parish on Galveston Island GALVESTON — Having served the Catholic community in Galveston for more than 35 years, the Franciscan Friars said farewell to Holy Family Parish during a special Mass celebrated by Daniel Cardinal Di Nardo at the Galveston Island Convention Center, June 25. John the Baptist served the faithful on Galveston Island dating back to their first assignments ministering to the Spanish speaking community at Our Lady of Guadalupe in 1980.

It was a part of the Galveston Independent School District (GISD).

We’re on vacation here,” said Brandon, who was visiting from Dallas with his family. That’s all that matters.”“It’s not gonna ruin my vacation,” said Sylvester Sichangwa, another visitor from the Dallas area.

“I think all the guys out here are ready.”Within the hour, the waves went up, and so did the red warning flags at every beach on the island.“We still think it’s not going to be that big of deal here, but we want to make sure we take the precautions we need to,” said Peter Davis, Chief of Galveston Island Beach Patrol, early Tuesday afternoon.

Raw video: Surfers out in Galveston during tropical storm warning On Tuesday night, Beach Patrol started work to make sure the island is ready.

Lifeguards hauled away towers from the beach front and moved them back toward the seawall."The surf has jumped from about a foot this morning to what you see now which is getting pretty rough.

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