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Greenwich Hospital was a permanent home for retired sailors of the Royal Navy, which operated from 1692 to 1869.

Its buildings were later used by the Royal Naval College, Greenwich and the University of Greenwich, and are now known as the Old Royal Naval College.

Built between 19 by John Parks (John Parks Company, General Contractors) at a cost of 0,000 and designed by noted architect R. Hunt, who also designed Chattanooga's lavish Tivoli Theatre, the auditorium honors area veterans of World War I.

This gave the hospital its distinctive look, with its buildings arranged in a number of quadrants.The word "hospital" was used in its original sense of a place providing hospitality for those in need of it, and did not refer to medical care, although the buildings included an infirmary which, after Greenwich Hospital closed, operated as Dreadnought Seaman's Hospital until 1986.The foundation which operated the hospital still exists, for the benefit of former Royal Navy personnel and their dependants. The hospital was created as the Royal Hospital for Seamen at Greenwich on the instructions of Queen Mary II, who had been inspired by the sight of wounded sailors returning from the Battle of La Hogue in 1692.Sir John Vanbrugh succeeded Wren as architect, completing the complex to Wren's original plans.An early controversy arose when it emerged that the original plans for the hospital would have blocked the riverside view from the Queen's House.

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