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Birth order refers to the order a child is born in their family; first-born and second-born are examples.

Birth order is often believed to have a profound and lasting effect on psychological development.

“This has been studied very well from a psychological standpoint.

The most successful marriages are those where the oldest sister of brothers marries the youngest brother of sisters.” Think about it.

The youngest brother of sisters all his life he has been taken care of by older sisters. And there is a direct positive correlation between their place in their birth families and the stability of their marriage. Dr. Leman is a former family counselor turned author and public speaker.

Michael Grose, an Adlerian-trained parenting expert and author of (Random House, £12.99), explains the basics.

‘We’re in a Darwinian struggle from the moment we’re born, fighting for scarce resources within a family – our parents’ time, love and affection,’ he says.

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