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Open a test plan view (you can open it from a view where test plans are selected as cards or lanes), go to the Runs tab, and use quick add icon or Create run button to create a new test plan run. It includes Test Case Runs and Test Plan Runs, automatically created from the Test Cases and Test Plans of the associated Test Plan.You can click on IDs of the Test Plan Runs to see more details.A new Test Plan Run can be added on a Board, List, Details and Timeline view modes modes if Test Plan Runs are selected to be shown as cards.On a Timeline view, you can add a new Test Plan Run using the Quick Add button in a backlog column.

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Then schedule Test Plan Run execution by using drag and drop.

A new test plan run should be created every time a test plan needs to be executed.

When any change is made in a test case or a child test plan (add, delete, edit, etc), all the test case/plan runs created for this test case/plan will be updated automatically.

To avoid changing a test case (or test plan) that has already been executed, it is better to create a copy of a test case if significant modifications are required.

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