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When I view a memo field in a form I want to see the most recent data which generally is past the bottom of the window.

How do I get the window to automaically show this data without manually scrolling down? Syntax error when updating Memo field in a view in VFP5 HI All, Has anyone ever run into this problem? What is the syntax for copy a memo to a database memo field 4.

I even tried using the following code ado Recordset. Updating Tables with SQL in VB6 using vfoxpro tables 13.

This is sometimes very useful allowing you to execute SQL that is not available in older versions.

Connection String = 'Provider=VFPOLEDB; Data Source=c:\My Data Folder\' cn.

(Substitute chr(10 chr(13) for each comma so that each is on a separate line.) Note: The memo field that contains this data looks like this: |CPA|NY NJ|12/31/2015| My objective is that as the user moves through the database, a text box will display the contents of the variable named mytext.

Does anyone know if it is possible to programmatically create a view is VFP 5.0 and then add and save that view in a database??? Thanks Darren Linsley Your question is a bit ambiguous.

A View has to be created in a dbc, you can't create it and -then- add it.

please let me know on this Here is the code ado Recordset.

Add New "f_shot Name", keysplit(0) & "_" & newname For i = 1 To UBound(fldtemp) If i = 6 Then 'ado Recordset.

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